Saturday Linkages: How to Wrap a Sari, Scotts Behaves Badly and America’s Finest Bathrooms



Tea House in Santa Cruz Built of Recycled Wood 

Bad Behavior

Scotts Miracle-Gro Fined $12.5M For Bird-Killing Pesticides | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innov..  

And this article from MNN explains why Scotts poisoned the seed:

Dear Scotts: Just Try, One Time, Not to be So S***y. | Garden Rant 

Your cellphone is a tracking device that lets you make calls: 

The Unusual

Argentine Man Builds Giant Guitar-shaped Forest to Commemorate his Lost Wife | Inhabitat – Sustain..

America’s best public bathrooms: 

The history and science of meringue, from a new book by Linda K. Jackson and Jennifer Evans Gardner:

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  1. My sari is not sheer, and the directions I was given was to tie a string around my waist and do the pleating and tucking. The sari seems like a garment that might come undome easily!

    I read “the history and science of marriage” as I am waiting for my new lens. I feel blind! So, when I opened the link and saw “Meringue” in larger letters, my first thought was the moment might pass and wouldn’t Cool Whip be more suitable? Yes, I hope I get glasses soon!

    My tracking device will travel wrapped in heavy duty foil. I do nothing wild and crazy and nothing subversive, no protesting in about ten years. I just resent anyone keeping track of me for any reason.

  2. Kelly & Erik, It was good to see you at Green Feast. What a great event. Nice talking with you for a bit. Happy to hear about your pending venture with the ecology center.

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