Saturday Linkages: From The Woodsman Workout to Crafting With Your Cat

Yes, it’s the woodsman workout. Via the Art of Manliness.

My new favorite botanic garden – in Mexico! | Garden Rant 

Deconstructing the cornmeal myth:

Build-It-Solar Blog: DIY Solar Water Heating System in Southeastern Pen… 

Indie Furniture: DIY Construction Made Accessible & Hip | Designs & Ideas on Dornob  

2 boards, 1 seat: 

Food Preservation
FreshTech Jam and Jelly Maker Review 

Cats ‘n Crafts
Catification: Creative Table Leg Cat Scratcher 

Book on Crafting With Your Cat: Kitty Jones Kitty Crafts link

The Woodsman Workout | The Art of Manliness  

Things to worry about
Warmer Temperatures-New USDA Zone Map Already Obsolete 

Why I don’t Worry Too Much About Organic Fruits and Veggies: 

GMO-birthed “Superweeds” Oh joy. You 

The cat food crisis: 

Bermuda Dunes woman’s garden for eating has some neighbors hissing 

Waiter, There’s Arsenic in My Rice  via @motherjones 

Rugged All-Terrain Trailer Home for Off-Road Adventures | Designs & Ideas on Dornob   

Earthquake proof desk:  

Just Plain Cool
And Now, the Skatepark House  

Wild Huts in the UK 

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  1. RE: the Bermuda Dunes thing. His complaint is that he can’t go out in his yard because she’s working in hers? Unless work means she’s out there with chainsaws making a racket 24/7 I don’t even follow his logic. The things some people find to be unhappy about. Sheesh.

    • In some places, presumably, you aren’t supposed to be seen working in your own yard. You’re supposed to hire guys with leaf blowers to do that. And you certainly shouldn’t be seen growing food!

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