Saturday Linkages: Can Gardens, BOLs and Attack Geese

Can Garden. Via Recyclart.


Cans Garden  

Design Like a Pro: Sure Tips for Great Plant Composition – Fine Gardening


Recycled metal barrels 

DIY Surfboard Bike Rack // 

80ft Tube Made From VHS Tape 


Developing Raw Land into a Homestead or BOL Over Time | The Survival Podcast


Bees in a Paris park: 


Apple granted patent for location-based camera phone disabling:  

U.S. Public Libraries Weather the Storm – Boing Boing 

But will training change anything? California slaughterhouse reopens with promise of new training | barfblog 

Bill would allow sale of homemade foods,0,6759357.story  

Opposing view: FDA rules won’t do much good –  

Just Plain Weird
Attack goose!: 

Breast cancer surgeon rides child’s pink bike to get through traffic jam for surgery: 

Pooping 2.0: 

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  1. Poop video and subject has got to be one of the funniest amd most frank videos I have seen. It beats a cat getting its head stuck in a bottle.

    See, I have had this question? Why do the handicapped toilets have tall commodes for old ladies who are 5’2′? I am 5’7.5″ and cannot do what I need to do on one of those. My feet don’t even touch the floor. No traction or push there. Yes, I love the kiddie toilets at churches…lol.

    Has anyone else noticed how it is hard to do your business on these tall commodes? Inevitably, there is a smear of poop as the old lady slides off! I am an old lady, so I can say this.

    Seriously, I have brought up this subject many times about overly-tall commodes and no one but me seems to give it a second thought! Yeah, no one in my circle of friends wants to talk about it either.

    If there is one thing little kids know how to do, it’s squat and poop. However, when it came to potty training them, I taught them to hang into the commode instead of perching on the seat like it was a skinny chair. I even stood and held them so they would not be afraid tey would fall in. We did not have little commode seats for kids back then. Isn’t it amazing that we train natural behavior out of a child by seating them on a commode?

    As for squatting over a hole? Not happening with me because I cannot. I would fall in! I thought I was just crazy when I got my plastic stool and used it for my feet. I have never told anyone this before. Whew, I feel soooo much better.

  2. Hi Erik & Kelly.
    This isn’t really a comment, I just wasn’t sure how else to e-mail you guys.

    I have a suggestion for a post or link it would be great to spread the word about–natural enzyme treatment for hot tubs. I learned about it when I was looking online to find out just how bad it would be if I used the old hot tub water on plants (because I felt terribly guilty sending 300 gallons down the driveway whenever we changed the water). The answer was pretty darn bad, but while researching I found this website for a natural enzyme treatment. It was developed by a bioremediation specialist and sounded a bit too good to be true, but it’s actually working brilliantly. We’d pretty much stopped using our tub because we didn’t like smelling like bromine afterward, but if we kept the levels too low the water would get green and nasty. We’ve been using this system about 2 months now and the water has been staying very clear. I’m also really jazzed that when we change the water out next summer, I can actually use it on the garden! And, should push come to zombie, we now have a 300-gallon water reserve that isn’t laced with chemicals. I think this company needs to start spreading the word among the homesteading-permaculture crowd, and though it might be right up Root Simple’s alley too.
    Anyway, here’s the website: which tells about it much better than I could. Check it out and see if you think it’s worth passing on.
    I really enjoy keeping up with your blog.

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