Modesto Milling’s Organic Layer Pellets

I could blog for weeks about all the lectures I attended at the National Heirloom Expo, but I thought I’d take a break to highlight a product I came across in the vendor hall: Modesto Milling chicken feed. I’ve been using it for a few months now on the recommendation of Craig and Gary from Winnetka Farms (where our chickens came from). 

In my opinion, if I’m going to go through the trouble of keeping my own chickens they should get good feed in addition to kitchen scraps and yard trimmings. Since I don’t have a pasture to let my hens forage on, this feed is the next best thing. So that’s why I’ve decided to use Modesto Milling’s organic layer pellets, even though it’s more expensive than the feed I used to use.

Modesto Milling feed is carried at stores in California, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Hawaii and online (though I imagine the shipping charges might be prohibitive). I pick mine up at a local pet store. A list of retailers is on the Modesto Milling website. You can also arrange a bulk order and split it up. And if you’re trying to avoid soy in your diet they have a soy free chicken feed.

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  1. We’ve used Modesto Milling’s feed for about a year and a half. Yes, it’s more expensive, but worthwhile, as you said. They are a sponsor of Davis’ Tour de Cluck Bicycle Chicken Coop Crawl, which is where I first saw their products. Nice people, too.

  2. I am also a fan of Modesto Millings organic chicken feeds and have been using them for a few years. They even make a soy free organic version. I have been happy with the starter grower and layer feeds, but my chickens turned up their nose at the organic scratch. There weren’t enough big bits; too much powdery filler that they didn’t eat.

  3. It’s 50% more than regular feed… I’m gonna try a bag! I’m not in this for the cheapest possible eggs… though cost per egg for backyard flocks is an interesting question to me.

  4. I think I got a bag of their feed once from the Malibu feed bin for something like $40! It’s ridiculous how much L.A. feed stores mark up their feed. 🙁 I get my feed now from either Azure Standard (I joined a food pick-up/co-op that orders once a month) – their organic soy free chicken feed is $31 for a 50 lb. bag. I’m finishing up some gmo-free certified feed from Washington (Scratch and Peck feed) that I picked up in the Orange County area. It was $33 for a 40 lb. bag.

  5. I use Modesto Milling products and have for 2 1/2 years.
    I appreciate their passion for what they do. They are no t simply jumping on the wagon like the conventional milling companies. I buy mine at Diamond B Hay and Feed in Hesperia. Their sister store in Lucerne Valley has it as well. $27.99 for lay pellets.

  6. I have raised my chickens on Modesto feed for over 4 years now. Many of my hens are double yolk layers. I don’t know if it’s the feed, but I’d like to think I’ve been doing something right with the best feed! We now have a local store in Southern Utah that carry’s all their feed products.
    Here is a link:

  7. It is shocking to me to think that (IMO) the best organic chicken feed is made less than a mile from my house! We are just starting our chicken adventure and plan to drive over there and get some feed. Thank you for promoting an honest company…and local for me!

  8. Been using their feed for a couple of years. Funny, we met them at the National Heirloom Expo, the first year and couldn’t believe they were so close to us, too! Be sure to call ahead if you are going to pick up feed directly from the mill. Sometimes, they have to bag it up for you.

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