Saturday Linkages: Soil Liming, Vegans Partying, Cats and Couches

Designer Seungji Mun’s cat couch.

Please Stop Liming your Soil Based on the pH! | Garden Rant 

Vegans party … at the butcher shop!,0,7684645.story 

Small Homes in Working Class Neighborhoods

Purr-fect Playground: Human Sofa Doubles as Feline Toy | Designs & Ideas on Dornob 

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  1. Love, love, love the cat couch!

    When our last two cats were tiny kittens, both Molly and two years later Charlotte, discovered that they could slide under our sofa (less than 2″ space) and climb around inside the sofa. The first time it happened with Molly I thought we had mice running about in the couch – until Molly popped out. Eventually, each got too big to slide underneath. Charlotte learned this the hard way. When she was about 3 months old, I heard her crying in the living room and found her with her head stuck under the sofa, her little legs flailing about, unable to get out. Had to pick up one end to release her and, needless to say, she never tried that again.

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