Picture Sundays: Redneck Wine Glasses

Another gem from the SkyMall catalog. Would they still be redneck if filled with artisinal tap water?

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  1. lol I saw these at a hardware store in mendocino county.. It’d just be classy country life wouldn’t it? 😉 Since most people out in the boonies get nice water from wells. Though the farm I stayed at had a really iron-rich water, it seemed like I was drinking blood and everything was stained orange.. 😛

  2. Look at these:

    At $14.95-$29.95, I’ll pass. But, for less that $2 for supplies and 2 minutes of my time, I love them.

    Birdzilla, lots of country people use Ball jars, but probably would prefer glasses. I think these are for city slicker poseurs. Still, for some reason, I love the two on the front.

    Homegrown, When I googled these, your blog was five from the top of the listings.

    Off the find my clear glue, a short jar, and the candlestick…..

  3. Ha! Those are adorable in the rednecky kinda way. 🙂 I’m going to have to try and make those. They remind me of the smaller, pint jars sitting on top of candlesticks. If I fail, I’ll have to buy them because we actually drink out of vintage Ball canning jars all the time!

  4. As a wee lad at university our favorite saloon served “pound” beers in 16 oz Ball jars. (Nick’s/IU)

    I have been drinking from jars ever since. And not so odd; when working around the house or outside it is nice to screw the top on to keep the flying and crawling things out of my tea/beer/icewater.

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