The Ecology Center of San Juan Capistrano

Kelly and I had the privilege of doing a short talk this weekend at the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. If you’re interested in Southern California food forestry, greywater, chickens, you name it, this is the place to visit. They have an amazing garden, classes and a well curated gift store. When people ask us how to design garden and house systems in SoCal, we’re going to send them to the Ecology Center.

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  1. I was glad to hear you were speaking at the center. I wasn’t able to attend, I was at a conference in LA. Sad to miss it. I have been a member of the center for several years. The center has inspired lots of things for me. The two of you have also, with the wonderful class at the huntington garden. I always thought that the two of you would be a good mix with the ecology center.
    You should attend the green feast.

  2. Wow! very cool, they are so lucky to be allowed to use the Congdon house as their home! I wish more cities were privy to those kinds of programs.

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