Saturday Linkages: Pig’s Milk, Hot Sauce, Clutter

Nettle hot sauce recipe from the Wild Food Lab.

How About a Nice Cold Glass of Camel, Buffalo, or Pig Milk?

Artisinal cocktail movement gets out of hand: Stop the Madness! | Garden Rant  

Yes, there’s a parasite of the day blog:

The Clutter Culture via UCLA Magazine 

And, how to deal with that clutter: Unf#$&^% Your Habitat: a smart phone ap for messy people: 

Compendium of Research Reports on Use of Non-Traditional Materials for Crop Production:  

Cross-contamination: washing chicken or any meat is a bad idea | barfblog: 

Making hot sauces with wild plants:  

How to Restore an Heirloom Axe | The Art of Manliness  

Of all the linkages this week this is the most important: please consider helping one of Los Angeles’ bike activists, Shay Sanchez, defeat a terrible disease: Raise Money for Shay’s Kick Butt and Get Better Fund –  

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  1. I really love the Unfuck Your Habitat website as well. My house is pretty clean, but the site is a really encouraging–yet challenging–place for people who need to make some changes in their lives. Her idea of 20/10s (do 20 minutes of something that needs doing that you don’t particularly want to do, then take 10 minutes off) is really helpful for those of us with depression or health issues because it keeps you from getting stuck or feeling overwhelmed.

  2. There is no way that I will be drinking pig milk. Goat milk is not palatable to me…gag. The rest of you can share my portion.

    When I was walking/wandering around a pet store, I came upon a tiny can of “Cat Milk.” It took about 3 seconds to process my thought: How on earth does a person milk a cat? I pictured tiny nipples and sharp claws on a gyrating cat as the tiny little milking machine was applied and suction began. Then, I realized it was milk for cats.

    I will continue to wash chicken and other meat.

    • I used to not like goat’s milk until I had some that was fresh from a friend’s goats. Bad goat milk tastes “goaty” but the fresh stuff does not have that flavor. I like it better than cow’s milk.

      And perhaps someone will make cat cheese . . .

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