Saturday Linkages: Keeping It Cool

Watering the roof. One of the low-tech home cooling tips on the Build It Solar Blog.

Tiny Home in Italy made out of pallets

Build-It-Solar Blog: Cooling Without Power 

Build-It-Solar Blog: DIY Solar Water Heating for 7 Unit Apartment 

Measure for Measure – Beth Schaleben’s Yardstick Table

1931′s Remote-Controlled Farm of the Future 

A sailboat made out of five gallon buckets: 

Americans Are as Likely to Be Killed by Their Own Furniture as by Terrorism – The Atlantic

Bank’s idea for tackling the financial crisis: six bicycles
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  1. I loved the link to Tiny House Swoon from the Italian pallet house.
    Son and daughter #2 spent ages scrolling through the pictures and choosing the one they’d like (hobbit house for DD because it has a round front door, orange house boat for son, mostly just because it’s orange) and the houses with the best view.
    Looking at the pictures of the insides of them just makes me feel I ought to go and tidy up…

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