Picture Sundays: Compulsory Chickens

I found this old ad posted in Facebook.

Even the smallest back yard has room for a flock large enough to supply the house with eggs. The cost of maintaining such a flock is small. Table and kitchen waste provide much of the feed for the hens. They require little attention–only a few minutes a day.

An Interested child, old enough to take a little responsibility, can care for a few fowls as well as a grown person.

Every back yard in the United Sates should contribute its share to a bumper crop of poultry and eggs in 1918.

In time of Peace a Profitable Recreation
In time of War a Patriotic Duty

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  1. Ah, those were the days. If the gov’t issued something like this now, all you’d hear are screams of “government overreach!”. The individual backyard chickens mandate would probably make it all the way to the Supreme Court!

  2. I live in an unincorporated area and bought day-old chicks for my son, then a Cub Scout, to raise for a belt loop. It was such a good experience~ until Will County cam along and told us we could have 5 barking dogs, 5 cats that run the neighborhood or 5 birds (not chickens) that must stay indoors. We are not even permitted bunnies, hamsters, fish, hermit crabs… In rebellion we have a hermit crab and a hamster now… hope they don’t find out and ticket us!!!!!!!

    • Karen–so sorry–please let us know if we can help get the word out about this.

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