Saturday Linkages: The Archdruid, Cat Climbing Shelves, Rewilding, Tempeh Food Safety and More!

John Michael Greer

The Archdruid Report: The Rumbling of Distant Thunder

Simple and Elegant DIY Cat Climbing Shelves –

Build-It-Solar Blog: How Large a Solar Collector Do You Need to Heat Your Hot Tub

CDC – Advice to Consumers – Salmonella Infections Linked to Live Poultry – Salmonella –

How to safely prepare tempeh: barfblog:

The Facebook Fallacy (via @TechReview)

Turnstyle » Rewilding: Primitivists Take it Back to Basics

Tiny Home in Oakland of Recycled Materials- $5K

Why There’s No War Between Drivers and Cyclists in the Netherlands – Commute – The Atlantic Cities

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  1. @Mrs. Homegrown: Actually that’s not the thing. The reports states that anyone that has contact with an infected poultry can be infected and hence the so-called Human Salmonella.

    Most of the time persons that are dealing with this kind of things like growing the poultry, feeding and other stuff must be very anxious with their personal hygiene so that no other person can get the virus.

  2. @Haley: Indeed, hygiene is important, but the comment to Cindy above was regarding a different link–about making tempeh, not keeping poultry. Unless we misunderstand your comment?

  3. On the cat shelves we used plain unfinished pine from the local store and angle brackets. The key is only two brackets per shelf spaced in 3-4 inches from each end. Then sew two pieces of old wool sweaters together and add buttons on the back side. Stretch over the shelf, sprinkle catnip on the shelf and button in between the two brackets. Our cats roll and rub chins and sleep on the shelves all day long. I take the covers off and wash and freshen the cat nip every month to few months (some shelves get used more often for some reason – I’m guessing height and location in the room)

    Cheaper and the cats LOVE the wool yet it’s cleanable…

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