Saturday Linkages: Rude and Stinky

The very stinky Dracunculus vulgaris on the Garden Professors’ Blog

Stacking metal lunchbox made from tuna cans: 

Grow Something Rude and Smelly-Dracunculus vulgaris:

Moss Tiles – a rally bad idea:

Life Magazine 1948: Chicago Family’s Mutant Bikes via @bikejuju

Geodesic Hub Connectors –  

Hiplok Wearable Bike Lock Review  via @urbanvelo 

Hot air hand dryers not as good as paper towels:  

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  1. I love the mutant bikes! The gangbusters bike looks ready for a zombie apocalypse ride- 13 shotguns, 2 revolvers, 6 bayonets and a flare gun. Those were some excentric bike builders!

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