Erik Speaking at Maker Faire

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the Bay Area Maker Faire on Saturday May 19 at 6:30 pm on the Maker Square Stage (located in the Homegrown Village). The talk I’m giving will be about the appropriate tech projects we’ve been up to around the Root Simple compound–our new chicken run, greywater, solar cooking and Mediterranean edible gardening. I’d love to hang out, after the talk, with any of you who plan on attending. For more information about Maker Faire go to

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  1. Oh, now I’m sad I’m missing this years Faire! Good luck on your talk, the Faire is fantastic! Our bee guild will be in the homegrown area as well.

  2. Are you going to be there on Sunday? I’ll be presenting my high school project that models small-scale agriculture. Would love to meet you and glad to hear you’ll be spreading the Root Simple message on Saturday!

  3. Erik, you may not have the time, but if you can tear yourself away from the MF, I recommend zipping over to the USGS open house in Menlo Park (about 15-20min south of where you’ll be). It’s like a giant science fair where all the USGS scientists put out a table or a booth and talk about their research: Volcanoes, earthquakes, global warming, ocean currents, erosion, mapping the ocean floor, etc etc.
    It only happens once every 3 yrs and admission is free. Unfortunately scheduled for the very same weekend as the MF.

  4. Wow, that USGS event sounds like a lot of fun. If there’s a public transport means of getting there I can do it as I’ll be without my chariot.

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