Chadwick’s Sweet Pea

This past fall I planted “Chadwick’s Sweet Pea” that I picked up from Seed Dreams who had a booth at last year’s National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa.

They are now my favorite sweet pea variety. I don’t see them listed on the Seed Dream website, nor can I find any information about them other than that I assume they were bred by Alan Chadwick, a student of Rudolf Steiner and John Jeavons’ mentor. 

You can bet I’ll be saving these seeds and growing them again. And I’m also planning on attending this year’s National Heirloom Exposition in September. Hope to see some of you there.

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  1. Alan Chadwick also had a very effective method for raising his sweet peas, resulting in an unbelievable profusion of very fragrant blooms. This method is described in a book by Tom Cuthbertson entitled, “Alan Chadwick’s Enchanted Garden.” A review of the book, along with many others about Alan, can be found at:

    A video of his original garden at the University of California at Santa Cruz is here:

    • Hey Carlos–many thanks for the links–I’ve been looking for information on Chadwick and now I’ve got a lot to read. Enjoyed the video too.

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