Top Tasting Tomato Varieties

Sakura Honey, image from the Master Gardeners of Frankly County

It’s the time of year to start figuring out what tomatoes to plant here in the northern hemisphere. How about using taste to decide? The Master Gardeners of Franklin County Pennsylvania do a taste test every year. Here’s the top ten from last year’s results:

1 Sakura Honey
2 Red Pearl
3 Five Star
4 Principe Borghese
5 Old Brooks
6 Arbason
7 Fabulous
8 Heritage Hybrid
9 Cherokee Green
10 SX 605

The top three (all grape varieties) are available from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. See the full results of the taste test here.

Also, if you’re still looking for inspiration, review the comments on our recent giveaway post. Folks left their favorites there, and their regions–it’s a treasure trove of climate-specific information. We should make a chart out of it our something. 

Link thanks to Ken Druse’s Real Dirt Podcast

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  1. This is only my second year growing tomatoes successfully, and I’m still just gobsmacked by how much better they taste than the grocery store fare. But it’s interesting to have a list of the best tasting ones. It’s too late for me to start any more tomatoes from seed this year, but there’s always next year…

  2. The best tasting ones we have grown have been mortgage lifter and also anna tomatoes. anna tomatoes are smaller and grow pretty wild and erratic, the mortgage lifter can get quick large. i was using a 6ft ladder to access our mortgage lifters. if done right you can harvest about 30 lbs per plant if pruned, spaced, fed and water correctly. its a lot of fun 🙂 a couple years ago i had 50 tomato plants growing here in so cal and was easily getting 20 lbs a DAY. craziness! mortgage lifter is my fave. big tomatoes, perfect flavor, great for a blt or any sammich really!

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