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  1. If Mary Tyler Moore had milked goats on the “Dick van Dyke Show”, she’d have looked just like this, only with pearls, too.

  2. If females saw this, can you imagine how they felt about not milking in dress clothing? I can see their looking down at rugged clothing and wishing they looked so fresh and appealing at their daily chores. This is the farm version of “Leave it to Beaver” where the mother vacuumed and cooked in clothing more suitable for church. I wonder how many men longed to have a woman look like these while doing farm chores.

    Granted, many people viewed these pictures as not representative of reality. However, these images did nothing to make women/girls happy with their appearance.

    I have a picture I took of my parents where they are sort of dressed alike. She had been hanging clothes on the line and had on an old pair of Daddy’s pants and a long sleeved shirt and hat. I begged her to let me take a picture that day. She was very reluctant. When I would not give up, she relented reluctantly. She was miserable that I had the picture when I showed it to her. I felt so sad over her agony at having a picture of her in the work clothes she was wearing.

    She was allergic to the sun, so she had to cover up, and did so the best way possible. But, she felt “less than.” Pictures like the one of the two young women would not have made her feel better, just worse, even though she would know it was not reality.

  3. I love the juxtaposition of the heels and udders. And the Vintage 40’s/50’s hair. At first glance I thought it was meant to be humorous but then I realized it was for real! I have no problem wearing my “outside work clothes” to the grocery store, Target, or anywhere else in our suburban surroundings. I know though that my grandmothers would abhor such a habit. Not sure if I’m more liberated or just don’t care what anyone else thinks. Either way, I’m comfortable. I do wonder what it would be like to head to a lively game of bridge after milking the goats.

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