The Chinese Wheelbarrow

From the very cool Low-tech Magazine, the Chinese wheelbarrow:

The Chinese wheelbarrow – which was driven by human labour, beasts of burden and wind power – was of a different design than its European counterpart. By placing a large wheel in the middle of the vehicle instead of a smaller wheel in front, one could easily carry three to six times as much weight than if using a European wheelbarrow.

 Read the rest here. So who will be the first to make one of these with an old bicycle wheel?

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  1. Cool! If you can get a mini pallet, just cut out the middle board. Instant platform for the wheelbarrow. And I have an old bike or two, Hmmm.

    You might also have to cut out a middle support piece depending on the size of the pallet.

    I suggest you use a sawzall and cut the wood off the pallet rather than try to pull it apart. They use ribbed nails in them.

  2. Hmm…I might just try that. I just came to the conclusion that a wheelbarrow is a must-have tool and I have a couple of spare bike wheels.

  3. Interesting. Wouldn’t work for a load of soil, say, and I’ve been known to mix concrete for post setting purposes in my wheelbarrow. Still for some loads, I can see that design being a boon.

    Incidentally, I would also be interested in having my cheese delivered a wheelbarrow load at a time.

    Loves me some cheese.

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