Zombie Apocalypse Poll Results

2012—year of the goat?

The poll results are in and a solid majority thinks that things will get worse in 2012. The results, with 617 votes:

  • 187 30% things will get better
  • 309 50% things will get worse
  • 121 19% things will stay the same

I had intended to editorialize about how I see 2012 going. But I can’t say it better than this anonymous comment:

I could not answer the poll. My first thought was that things will get worse. I was thinking from a world wide view, economic, food wise, etc. But I thought again and decided that really those things don’t matter. I expect things around my house to get better. My love for my wife will grow and I hope hers for me. We may spend more for less, have shortages of this or that. But those are not a good measure of better or worse in my life. So my answer is that I purpose to have a better year no matter how the rest of the world does.

I’d also encourage all to read the wise blog post of Archdruid John Michael Greer, “Hope in a Cold Season.”

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting that anonymous comment. It was absolutely perfect for ending one year and beginning the new one.

    May we all take the writer’s sentiments to heart and strive to create a great 2012 for our families and, by extension, our communities.

    A very happy, healthy, wonderful new year to all!

  2. Sorry to post here, but I don’t see a way to send an e-mail. I need to unsubscribe to the blog. Thank you.

  3. @Anonymous: I’m not sure which service you’re using to subscribe–email? a blog feed? At any rate, all feeds and subscripions are stand alone services–we don’t control them and unfortuanately can’t unscribe you ourselves.

    If you’re getting posts via email, look at the bottom of the messages for an “unsubscribe” link. Our email address is under the “about” tab, in case you need it in the future.

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