Erik’s New Years Resolutions

Normally I don’t do New Years resolutions. This year my resolution is . . . lots of resolutions. Here’s the list. I expect you to hold me to it:

  • get HAM technician’s license
  • learn Morse code
  • attend CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) classes
  • build cob oven in the backyard
  • organize messy office so it doesn’t look like an episode of Hoarders
  • organize supplies in garage into labeled boxes
  • turn the garage into the ultimate man cave
  • fix bad knees
  • return to the fencing strip
  • increase running distance
  • organize bug-out box
  • backpack more often
  • camp on Santa Rosa island again
  • plan out garden ahead of time instead of playing catch-up at the last minute
  • return to biodynamic practices in the garden
  • learn how to sharpen knives and tools
  • improve writin’ skills
  • start a podcast
  • shoot some how-to videos
  • create an iPhone or iPad app
  • check email only twice a day
  • clean up the graphic design on the blog and organize information better
  • take more time to cook
  • keep the kitchen spotless
  • ferment vegetables more often
  • celebrate the wonderful awesomeness that is Mrs. Homegrown each and every day

And that’s just January. It’s going to be a great year for everyone in the urban homestead movement! What are your resolutions?

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  1. Erik – No resolutions from me, but a tip on the Morse code, the book “Mind Performance Hacks” contains a really simple way to learn Morse code. Basically, each letter of the alphabet has a trigger word with short/long syllables to help you remember the code…like this:
    CARE-less CHILD-ren
    and so on. Very handy, check it out.

  2. 1) Walk the walk which ruffly translated means to actually put into practice; solar heate, increase gardening space(spacial challenged), more cold weather gardening(Buffalo NY).

    2)unfinished remodeling projects

    3)Go camping more.

    4)Work on skills everything from knitting, old school homesteading, to becoming a better person.

    Happy New Year here’s to completing even half of our resolutions.

  3. I want to make a decent wheel of hard cheese.
    Learn to do always do the dishes after dinner.
    Start fermenting veggies. And a whole load of other things that I wrote about on my blog.

  4. Mr. H:

    I had a list of exactly one 2012 resolution: build a cob oven in the backyard, which made your list as well. However, after I read your 11/20/07 post on rocket stoves, I changed my mind and am reluctantly holding out for a more efficient option.

    Have you really changed your mind about the cob oven? If so, why?

    (I can almost taste the pizzas now…I just hope I won’t have to feel too guilty about them.)


  5. That list looks like several years’ worth of chores. It’s impressive in its scope. How are you going to “fix” your knees? I don’t have resolutions; I have goals. They are on my post today. The ever-popular “lose weight” is a goal.Right this minute, I am going to begin a renewed effort at decluttering another goal.

  6. Good luck with that long long list, Erik! I look forward to your Santa Rosa island trip report, and your instructions on sharpening/maintaining tools.

    Speaking as a foilist, I’m not sure fixing bad knees is compatible with getting back on a fencing strip. Take it easy.

  7. Growing medicinal herbs in our shared apartment building’s yard (landlord has granted me space and permission) and see what I can grow in on window seat.

    Getting rid of the last bits of junk hiding in the corners of my place collecting dust under beds in the back of closets, etc.

    Buying a bicycle and starting to bike to work.

    Handstands or else!

    Start juicing.

    Learn to make or do things I don’t even know I want to yet!


  8. I like JJ’s method of remembering Morse Code. That makes the memorizing sort of like remembering poetry feet. I have often looked at Morse Code, wishing I could learn it and not wanting to commit to what looked like an ardurous task.

  9. I’m going to take a photo portrait of each of the main people in my life. And I’m going to meet face-to-face with the half-dozen or so local people who have crept into my Facebook friends for various reasons without me ever having met them. And I am going to get my family overseas for at least two weeks. And I am going to cook more. And garden more. And I am going to DANCE. A lot!

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