Gingerbread Geodesic Dome

Scout Regalia Reel 02: Gingerbread Geodesic Dome from Scout Regalia on Vimeo.

Now you can bake your own version of Drop City without getting “baked” yourself! Some local designers, Scout Regalia, have cooked up a gingerbread geodesic dome and offer a kit for making one.

Now when it comes to geodesic domes as shelter I’m with former dome builder Lloyd Kahn who concluded that “Domes weren’t practical, economical or aesthetically tolerable.”

But when it comes to gingerbread domes, I’m all for it!

Via the Eastsider.

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  1. Surprisingly, that is aesthetically pleasing. Gingerbread anything looks difficult to make. I have never even made a gingerbread house. Would Buckminster Fuller approve? Covered with frosting and coconut, it could be an igloo.

  2. Off Topic:

    It’s raining in Socal, so I figured I’d ask a quick water question. As far as water purification or filtration systems go, what do you guys use (on a daily basis or for emergency/end-of-world 2012 scenarios)?

    Does anyone here have experience with this product: (manual filtration and desalinators)

    Also, for cooking what do you guys think of this:

    You can store books, manuals, personal documents in a Kindle and have it powered by your cooking stove. Living off-grid has never been better!!! LOL.

  3. Hey Anonymous,

    We have a Katadyn ceramic filter for both backpacking and the zombie Apocalypse. I’ve used it many times (backpacking!) and it works great.

    And that Biolite is a strange product. Looks kinda like a joke but I guess it’s for real.

  4. Mr. Homegrown,

    Is that the one that costs in $300? How long have you had it? I read for maintenance you only need to rinse the ceramic portion and that’s it.

    I live near the beach and visit Hawaii a lot, so I was thinking about getting their manual desalinator ($900s).

    As a permanent desalinator I was thinking about getting Dean Kamen’s SLINGSHOT, in the $2,000s (although, I haven’t heard anything of this product since 2008).

    Biolite looks promising, I know there’s (SOLAR) and (KINETIC), but electricity from your camp fire sounds really practical.

    I’d wait for real survivalist/adventurers to take them out next year to see how good they really are.

    But I like the design and since it’s as big as a Nalgene 32 oz wide mouth bottle, I can fit it in my Condor or Maxpedition H20: (Condor MOLLE H20)

  5. I saw the episode of Dual Survival with Cody Lundin using UV to purify water, somehow just doesn’t seem convincing, maybe because there’s no burning or filtering involved.

    I’d like to see scientific data on how effective the UV purification strategy actually is. Plus the whole BPA and other endocrine disruptor problem, make UV plastic bottle purification an emergency only strategy.

    I’d love to read a water purification post.

    Oh, you’re talking about this product. I thought you were talking about the water in the plastic bottle left out in the sun UV purification ala ‘Dual Survival’.

    Another OFF TOPIC (but related):

    Mr. Homegrown,

    The TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) movement and the Urban Homesteader/Permaculture movement have evolved in parallel paths.

    I think where the two movements converge is in the area of survival strategies. For awhile now the main strategy for TEOTWAWKI-tes was to escape the cities and suburbs and to head for the forest–or bugging out, hence the bug-out bag.

    Now, they are talking more about bugging-in, which means stay where you are, grow your own food, create community and survive as a group. The two groups have always represented realist and idealist sentiments.

    With the bugging-in strategy fast becoming popular, I was hoping the permaculture movement could also write about their take on TEOTWAWKI and how best to survive the end of the Mayan calendar.

    Maybe you can do a series, instead of just water purification, about surviving off-grid, post-apocalyptic world.

  7. It’s been interesting to see how the prepping, permaculture and transition movements are syncing up in our current period of turmoil. Would you mind if I quoted your last comment in a blog post? I think there is a lot to write and think about here. And thanks for your suggestion–it’s a great idea for a series of posts. I’ve been planning to talk about these issues.

    Incidentally, two perspectives on TEOTWAWKI that I enjoy, if you don’t know them already, are John Michael Greer: and Jack Spirko:

  8. Quote away, sir. I’m looking forward to this series.

    I was hoping you could also touch on manufacturing and buying American, ie, Liberty Bottle Works:

    and Canteenshop: (their Stove Stand)

    Next to DIY, I prefer my survival gear American. We could jump start the American economy, with the 2012 the World’s gonna end scare, and get US manufacturing started again, but this time with a long term eye to the permaculture movement, with products for water purification, rain catch, home gardens, biolite stove, nano solar energy, bamboo as timber, small homes, etc. etc…

    Thanks for the other blog suggestions.

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