How to Build an Igloo

TRANSA | Iglu Bauanleitung from Sooli Entertainment on Vimeo.

Paul Overton over at Dude Craft (a great website, by the way) described this slick video as “Swiss hipsters build an igloo.” Sure looks like fun. Instructions are in German, but I think the process is pretty self explanatory. Makes me want to head up into the mountains and give this a try.

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  1. Pretty cool. Everything was self-explanatory to me except the spiral cut after the first course of blocks was laid down. Did anyone else understand the purpose of that?

  2. Thank you, this will add a whole new dimension when we build out igloo. Our starting point is a carefully chosen natural/mechanical snowdrift. One way to turn those almost 20 foot drifts on our newly freed streets into something fun.

  3. @Kate: I’m not sure at all, but my guess would be that they want the blocks to spiral upward at a particular angle, so cut that angle into the first course to establish it.

    @pelenaka: I’m jealous!

    @Annette: Yes, I want that tune, too.

  4. Mrs. Homegrown, anytime u wanna come up to Buffalo and build a drift(gotta put the snow that’s in the driveway somewhere)in the front yard give a shout out. I’ll throw wood ash down so u won’t slip, lol.

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