Root Simple and Edendale Farm on ABC-7

A local ABC affiliate did a nice, short piece on growing food in the city featuring us and our friend David Kahn of Edendale Farm. I’ll note that David runs a real city farm (he sells eggs) while I call what we do simply gardening, as we don’t grow/raise enough to sell.

It’s good to see vegetable gardening and keeping chickens going mainstream–it’s the bright side of the “great recession”.

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  1. Good job!

    Wow, you do lots with 1/12 an acre. I never realized you had that size lot. My 1/3 acre could do soooo much more if I could just do it…lol.

    Does the city allow Kahn to keep that many noisy birds without hassling him. I know that 1/2 acre of foilage would not be enough buffer to keep me from going nuts over that many noisy fowl. Even though I love my hens, the noise of too many would be so disruptive even to me.

    Was the “certified wildlife habitat? sign a joke?

    I am raising some lovely St. Augustine grass! It seems such a waste except for the fact then hens like it.If I could only eat it……

  2. David has nice neighbors and he gives them eggs. The certified wildlife habitat sign is given out by the National Wildlife Federation. It’s a self designated honor, but David deserves it–he has lots of habitat in his yard.

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