Virtual Herbs

That list of preparedness resources on I blogged about this past week is now online and working again. There’s some great stuff there as well as some goofy items. As one Root Simple reader pointed out, the “herbalism” file is actually a list of imaginary herbs from World of Warcraft. Oh how I love when the virtual and real worlds collide.

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  1. After a look at the herbalism list, the foraging for wild yeast article seems like a fantasy to me. After the WOW inclusion, how can a person trust anything on this list unless it is previously known information? “Foraging for wild yeast” now sounds like a snipe hunt. I would never have known about the WOW information and certainly would have spent my psychic energy, not to mention mental and physical energy on the entry. Okay, I suppose it is up to the individual to research the efficacy of each entry.

  2. Actually, that list of herbs from WOW are outdated, as there has been an expansion with a whole new set of higher level herbs. One of my characters is both an herbalist and an alchemist, a necessary companion profession for transforming those herbs into very useful potions, such as Major Healing Potion.

  3. So, Barry, you are saying the imaginary WOW herbs are out-of-date and that there is new-and-improved,better-than-before, evolved set of imaginary herbs? I have had a fever for a month and I believe the ear infection is getting to my brain, but I am laughing so hard at my/our perceived need for imaginary herbs! Thanks for the information, really, thanks…lol.

    Mr. and Mrs. Homegrown,
    Thanks for the list with the Foxfire books on pdf. I was just looking at the first one printed, looking for the rest of mine and considering buying the last ones that I don’t have. You saved me some looking and money.

  4. Actually, this scares me a bit. That there is this blurry line between fantasy and reality. Whle fantasy is all well and good, when people start taking it for reality, we’re in deep do-do! is there going to be a time when people think Farmville actually grows food!!

  5. Morg…speaking of the blurry line between fantasy and reality, that is the reason why I don’t watch TV sitcoms…because of the fake laugh tracks. At least when I log into a game, I know it’s a game.

  6. The server where the web site is hosted has a bandwidth restriction, which has been exceeded. That is the reason why it is temporarily inaccessible. I guess they forgot to add a resource link on how to be prepared for increased web site requests. 😛

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