Erik Thoughtstylin’ in Urban Farm Magazine

Photo by Graham Keegan. Yes, those are medlars in the background.

On the back page of Urban Farm magazine’s most recent issue–Sept./Oct 2011–Erik is asked to answer the question, “If you can only do one thing to boost your sustainability…”

His answer follows. He was in high guru form that day. I hope Urban Farm will forgive me for lifting the whole quote:

The action at the top of the to-do list on the path to true sustainability is not a tangible thing. It’s a change in perspective, a breaking down of the barrier between what is “within” and what is “without.” It is a recognition that our internal intentions and actions expand ever outward, transforming our households, communities and, ultimately, the world. We are alchemists. Our compost piles, beehives and chicken coops are merely the outward signs of the transformation going on within our souls. A new era beckons.

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  1. I bought the very first issue of Urban Farm at a large local bookstore…never found it again and thought they’d ceased publication, like so many of my favorite magazines, during this economic recession. In the meantime, I subscribed to Hobby Farm, which was not at all the same and quite a disappointing investment. I’m so glad to see that Urban Farm is still up and running. Must get this issue!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Awesome response. The most important part of sustainability for me has been making things personally sustainable. If I can’t maintain it, no matter how good it is for my environment, it’s just going to be a waste of time and money so I do what I think is sustainable for me, adding a bit each year.

  3. great quote, look forward to picking up the new issue.

    last week i was at our Unitarian Universalist church camp, and attended a four-session workshop “awakening the dreamer, changing the dream,” which was all about sustainability. echoes your sentiment about the “transformation going on within our souls.”

  4. You can add this photo to the one of him cutting wood, or whatever that was. Now, you just need ten more photos for a calendar. Great response, great profile, now to find the magazine. Is that article or the mag online anywhere?

  5. This is awesome Erik.
    The most important aspect of what we do every day is mental. It is not the specific activity, but the approach you take to your entire life. Every butterfly wing beat of action ripples outward to change the world.
    Thank you for expressing it so well in every thing you share here.

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