Bacon Bits

Van Gogh’s Starry Night rendered in bacon (via Doug Harvey)

With the death of print advertising venues, publicists are, apparently, desperately reaching out to bloggers to hype their client’s offerings. The result? Take a look at this tempest over garden bloggers taking ad revenue and going on junkets. Normally I compost publicist’s attempts to get mentioned on this blog into April Fool’s Day hoaxes. But, at the risk of dispensing free publicity, I had to share this one:

River Run Village in Keystone, Colorado is going whole hog this summer when the Blue River Bacon Tour comes to town . . . Over 3,000 pounds of bacon from a variety of purveyors will be on hand for sampling at the Bacon Showcase alongside live music and bacon lectures compliments of Leo Landis, Professor of Baconology. Yes, that’s his job!

The Blue Ribbon Bacon package is available for $35 and includes admission to the three-day event, a commemorative hat, $10 in Bacon Bucks, a beer koozie, unlimited bacon samples at the Bacon Showcase, live music, bacon educational lectures, and a free drink. General admission tickets are also available for $30 per person.

Keystone’s award winning golf courses are extending special offers to bacon lovers who wish to burn off some of those delicious calories. Tee off after 5pm on June 24-26 and the cost is $55 per person.

While indulging in all things bacon, Keystone Resort is offering rooms from $109 per night.

Bacon bucks? Is this a currency backed by bacon? Will this result in a mass “quantitative easing” at the Keystone Resort after “indulging in all things bacon?”

A note to publicists: While I enjoy your creativity, I’m guided by this quote from the late Terence McKenna. Do a little reading before clogging up my in-box with press releases. I’m not against advertising, but if we ever take on any sponsors they have to gibe with our goals and must be kept separate from our editorial content.

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  1. I clicked through to the tempest that you write about. Whew. No thanks. Sounds like a lot of bloggers trying to justify their selling out. One seems to do so by mentioning that she likes the people who run Troy-Built (her new ad revenue) and that they plant a tree on company property for every grandchild. Plant a tree? Come on, that’s it? Thanks, Homegrowns, for living by a more transformational paradigm and for not selling out.


  2. hey! just reading a NY Times article, and thinking, why are those names familiar to me? Mr and Mrs Homegrown!!! great article. I love the quote from the Odyssey. When Japanese beetles are decimating everything in my garden, I will raise my thyrsus high and proclaim it to my followers, who largely consist of domestic pets.

  3. Terence McKenna, “your orgasms.” huh?

    Starry Night in bacon is just wrong!

    Hey, I would be thrilled if Troybuilt and I were partners and I got neat gardening things. However, I might not like their products, so they would kick me right out. I have noticed lots of blogging sites seem to promote products for compensation. But, if I were thrilled with a product, I would blog positively and not feel a bit bad if I were rewarded. Obviously, this will never happen with my little obscure blog.

    LOL…maybe you are so popular that you are being used to sell newspapers. You think?

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