In Seattle, Headed to Portland

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Dig that tallbike, welded up by our host in Seattle Tom, a.k.a. “bikejuju” who has a blog at His wife Lyanda is the author of a book readers of this blog will enjoy, Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness. And they have the prettiest mixte I’ve ever seen in their living room.

This afternoon we head to Portland. Hope to see you at one of our appearances.

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  1. OK, maybe I’m missing something, but how do you not fall over when stopping this bicycle if you can’t put your feet on the ground?

  2. I moved down from Portland last year and seeing your picture of the tallbike makes me miss that city so much! Hope you had a good time in P-town and hope the weather was kind to you.

  3. Courtney,

    Indeed–you gotta keep moving, do a track stand or jump off Not for the faint of heart. Dan’s a skillful rider.

    Incidentally, I’m posting this comment thanks to Amtrak’s free wi-fi service on their Cascade train.

  4. Wow – My wife Julia was reading (probably just finished) that book this past week. Such a small world. Julia says its a great book. I love crows so I’m next to read it.

  5. Why, oh why did you have to post a picture of that Linus mixte? Now I need one. It IS the most prettiest bicycle I’ve ever laid eyes on.

  6. I just got your new book yesterday and am having a lot of fun dipping into it. Have learned more about managing my worm farm already. Thanks!

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