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  1. Pineapple Guava, of course. And if you tell me where it is, I will come and strip every yummy little white petal off of it and eat them on the spot!

  2. It’s the flower of a Feijoa, sometimes called pineapple guava. The fruit is delicious, but when I find it in the store it’s pricey. I purchased a tree but no luck with fruit yet.

  3. Feijoa sellowiana or Pineapple Guava. There’s a really lovely, giant old specimen growing just on the other side of our garden fence. The fruit is as delicious as the flowers are beautiful.
    BTW – Love your blog!

  4. Mmmmm, delicious flowers, even more delicious fruit. Feijoa.
    Just out of curiosity how big do they get down south? Our local Whole Foods planted a bunch of them along the side of the parking lot about 3 yrs ago and give them minimal water, if any. They’re scraggly, but they’re now about 5′ high. Not sure of the variety, but it’s me and the occasional delivery truck driver that pluck the ripe ones in October.

  5. my closest guess is bay, because the leaves look like bay leaves. I’m not sure what bay flowers look like, but I don’t think they look like that! could be wrong though!

  6. guava. my mom has some. she planted them as ornamentals, but now a woman from her painting class comes and harvests the guavas to make some sort of paste, I think she said.

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