Whistle Stop Book Tour of the Northwest

              Erik does in fact bear an uncanny resemblance to Pierre Trudeau. Credit: Duncan Cameron/National Archives of Canada, PA-136972

Rodale, the publisher of our new book, is sending us on a speaking tour of the Pacific Northwest to promote Making It. Bringing this sort of groovy, DIY info to all you hardcore locavores, transitioners, freegans, goat herds and urban hillbillies in SF, Seattle and Portland seems a bit like bringing coals to Newcastle. But heck, we’re not complaining– we’re thrilled to be able to head north into your gorgeous lands.

San Francisco Events:

Friday, April 29, 7 PM: Speaking at Book Passage
Corte Madera Book Passage Store–not the one at the end of Market, the one on the other end of the ferry line: 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera, CA 94925

Saturday, April 30, 12 PM: Meet us at 12 noon on the lookout point of Sutro Heights Park.

We’ll take a walk along the cliffs and forage a salad, then hang out and chat while we eat. BYOB and anything else you want to eat or share. Afterward we might retire to the Cliff House for cocktails. If it’s pouring rain that day, you’ll find us at the Cliff House bar instead of in Sutro.

Seattle Area Events

Sunday, May 1st, 2 PM: Speaking at the Elliot Bay Book Company  
1521 10th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

Sunday, May 1st, 7 PM: Speaking at the Land Trust Building on Vashon Island
This talk is brought to you by a partnership between Books by the Way and the Vashon Island Growers Association (VIGA)

Monday, May 2, 7 PM:  Speaking at  the University Place – Pierce County Library
3609 Market Place W., University Place, WA 98466

Portland Events:

Tuesday, May 3rd: Possibly will do a gathering in some public place this evening, to meet any of you who want to come out and chat. TBA. Suggestions welcome.

Wednesday, May 4, 6-7:30 PM: Lecture at The People’s Food Cooperative
3029 Southeast 21st Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

(And before you all ask why we’re not speaking at Powell’s, the answer is we’d love to, but they’re all booked up. The timing wasn’t right. We hope someday to speak there, and will definitely be visiting anyway just to look around.)

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  1. Jeez- I’d love you to come to my house (south of Portland) but I can’t say it would be a useful venue for you.

    I will be watching this space!!

  2. Wot no Canada? My visa means I cant leave the country atm, so even though Seattle is less than 100km away I wont be able to see you. Dunt matter too much I’ve already ordered the book 😀

  3. The Whole Foods in Downtown Portland (Pearl District) often hosts public events…maybe worth trying?

  4. Wait, why aren’t you speaking at the Olympia Public Library? They do a lot of author events there in partnership with Orca Books (local book seller). They brought Novella Carpenter last year. It just seems obvious to me (also I don’t want to drive to Seattle to get my book signed)

  5. Excellent. I’ll see you at Elliot Bay on May 2 at 2PM. That’s conveniently walking distance from my office, so I’ll try to bring a posse. Lyanda was hoping to meet you again but ironically she won’t be joining me because she’s in Portland that day reading at Powells from the new Crow Planet paperback!

  6. Love the Trudeau picture. I believe it was the tour that Trudeau coined the infamous “fuddle duddle” phrase.

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