No Need to Knead

The Los Angeles Bread Bakers held their debut demonstration today thanks to the folks at Good. As you can see from the picture above some serious bakers showed up.

Teresa Sitz and Mark Stambler

Teresa Sitz demonstrated her wild yeast no-knead bread. You can read her recipe over on the LABB Facebook page.

Wild yeast breads have a number of advantages over breads made with commercial yeast. Due to higher acidity they keep longer and have a tangy, more complex flavor. Some say they are better for you. I love the magic of creating bread with just flour, water and salt.

Thanks again to Teresa and Mark Stambler for sharing their expertise.

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  1. awesome tat
    wild yeast sourdough are awesome the flavor is unique to the area the yeast are from i would like to try that with beer at some point too 🙂

  2. Wild yeast and “no-knead” are a great combo. I have been using it for about a year to make my sandwich loaves. To say “no-knead” is no quite right… minimum knead though. I probably stir (combine) mine a bit more than normal no-knead because I want to make sure the starter is mixed well… and I add flax and barley, some rye… and replace some of the water with honey or molasses. Combining is the first part of kneading. Then after ferment (12 to 18 hours) you form a ball, normally by stretch and folding. This is also a type of low stress kneading (less stress on you and the dough).

    Anyway, enough picky stuff, I would love to see the recipe, but will not set up a facebook account just to see it. Why can’t people make things like this public so that anyone can see it? I think facebook does have such a switch… If it doesn’t it should, lets not help big brother track our every move.

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