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  1. @Jennifer: It’s a bread seed poppy–pretty easy to find.

    @Ren: 🙂 The flax revived partially. It’s sort of got a permanent bad hair day. Any future flax will be supported. I’m letting it hang out while I start seeds for something new for the heart.

  2. i planted some poppy seeds a few years back I got the seeds from my elderly neighbors. they used them for poppy seed buns. well fair time rolled around and some of the poppys were blooming so i thought i’d take them to the fair and enter them in the flower division. my wife visited the fair that afternoon and checked out our entry a gentelman came up to her and said that poppys were used for herion production. my wife got real nervious she though the police would be stopping at our place to check things out they never did. but my wife won’t let me enter the poppys in the fair no more.

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