Pornographic Parsnip

What the hey. It’s Friday. I can’t share the image here, because…uh…I just can’t. But I gotta say, of all the naughty root vegetables I’ve seen, this is by far the naughtiest.

Link courtesy of our intrepid friends at BoingBoing

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  1. Too funny! When I volunteered at the local CSA, I always picked out the misshapen produce for another volunteer. She got a kick out of them. When she left, I still noticed them but usually left them for a member to take home. This pumpkin, though, I could not resist…

  2. well i giggled, then i read some of the comments on the photo link, man some people are dry, too pc to laugh at life. i think the carrots someone linked are rather lovely, all interwined legs. aint nature bueatiful!!

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