Kelly and Erik on The Survival Podcast

Just a note to let you know we’ll be featured on The Survival Podcast tomorrow. We really enjoyed talking with the host, Jack Spirko, and got down into some deep plant geekery. You may even hear us burning a batch of beans, if he leaves that part in.

The episode will be archived, so you can catch it later on, too.

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  1. Great interview! I listen to TSP all the time and downloaded and listened to your interview first thing this morning. I can’t wait to get your book and find out more about the small orchards. Thanks for coming on TSP.

  2. I’m an avid listener to the TSP and always appreciate Jack Spirko seeking out valuable resources like yourselves. I thoroughly enjoyed your interview and look forward to purchasing your book. I’m proud of you two for your work.

  3. I bought your book as soon as Jack mentioned that we should really support you guys. I really love it, and am going to preorder your next book. Super interested in the small orchard system. Just planted two trees this week though. I would have done it differently if I had heard about this sooner. Thanks. I’m really glad you went on TSP. I wouldn’t have heard about you without Jack.

  4. We just wanted to say again how much we enjoyed talking with Jack. We’re glad if we turned some of our readers onto his show, which is full of useful info, and we’re also happy to see all these TSP visitors coming to our site. Welcome!

  5. I come from the other side of this spectrum. I read Kelly and Eric’s book first and then found my way to listening to Jack. The interview was some kind of full circle for me. Big kudos to Jack for including all forms of common sense living, Urban, Rural, Whatever. We all need to live on this twirling rock, together is a lot easier. Right on TSP.

  6. Thanks for sharing what you do with the rest of us. I heard about you onTSP and am so glad I did. You two are awesome.

  7. Thanks for going on TSP. I listen to Jack all the time, and you guys were two of his best guests. Thanks for all the info about mini-orchards; I am really interested in doing this on my suburban lot. Thanks also for the info on Backwards Beekeepers.

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