Backwards is the New Forwards

Our beekeeping mentor Kirk Anderson had some words of wisdom on Facebook yesterday,

Hey, the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Better plant that garden get those chickens plant a tree and get some bees. I have spoken.

Got nothing more to add to that. And, about getting those bees, watch Kirk’s instructional videos on the website of the Backwards Beekeepers

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  1. Maybe you’re just preaching to the choir with me, but I no longer view any of his suggestions as a move “backwards” at all. If “moving forward” or “progress” means celebrating my independence from knowledge, I say no thank you.

    My generation is so proud of the fact that they “don’t have to know” how to garden, preserve food, hunt or even start a fire. Pathetic.

  2. Whether or not you HAVE to do those things—they are just plain FUN! Heaven on earth, for those of us who don’t feel like waiting….

  3. when you guys say mulch. i assume chipped wood. is there any mulch that contains types of trees that are not good for general “mulching”

  4. Hey Seth,

    In general it’s probably best to avoid eucalyptus and members of the walnut family, though I’ve read studies that dispute this–you’re not incorporating the mulch into the soil, after all. But for pathways all is good.

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