We’re Changing

You might recall that several months ago we said we were going to do a website redesign. Well, we’re finally getting around to it. Over this weekend we’re going to be monkeying with things, so if you check in, you might encounter strangeness. When it’s all done, we’re going to have a new name and a new look.

“Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good” is a favorite saying around here, frequently repeated because we so frequently forget it. We’d planned to make lots of changes to this blog and lay them out with a big “Ta Da!” But that didn’t turn out to be practical. As you’ll soon see, this redesign is pretty minor. It’s just the first step of what will be a slow evolution that we’ll undergo through tiny tweaks and additions as we figure things out. And really, that’s the best way to change.

“What kind of changes?” you ask? Well, those ideas are still developing, but our overarching goal is to offer our readers more: more posts, more resources, more information, more voices. 

This weekend, though, all we’re doing is changing our background to white, adding some navigation tabs, and changing our name. What’s our new name? Like the lady in the picture above, we’re going to keep our secret under wraps–at least until tomorrow.

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  1. I know! I hate the black, too. This blog’s black background dates to it’s inception as Erik’s man cave several years ago, a semi-private place for him to rant. It’s well past time for a change.

  2. Scientists have shown that a black background with white text is actually better for your eyes. It actually increases readability. The reason is because of the amount of light that goes into your eyes especially with a backlit screen as soon on computers. With a white backrgound a LOT of light enters into your eyes and thus not only disturbs your circadian rhythm but also damages your eyes. Not to mention the energy consumed by a white background with black text is much higher.

    I personally do all my reading at night so a black background is great because it does not disrupt my circadian rhythm. others might disagree and say that it is harder to read but that is only due to convention and what the reader/consumer is used to. What does make it difficult to read is the type of text used. in Blocks of texts it is best to use a text like georgia which is evenly spaced and has serifs on the letters. the current text is sans serif and thus makes it more difficult to read. for titles and short statements sons serif texts are good to use.

    I trust science and its theories and once I grew used to the new style of reading i became aware that it is actually easier to read and i have to squint less to try and keep light out of my eyes.

    With science on your side i hope you keep the dark background with high contrast light text. (Disclaimer: for print the opposite is true because the reflective light is not brighter than surroundings)

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