Weedeater Street Medicine in Los Angeles

Painting by Kelly Pope

A brief reminder that our friend Nancy Klehm is coming to Los Angeles to give a series of classes. In addition to the Poo Salon, she’ll be teaching the following:

Weedeater Street Medicine in Los Angeles
February 19th+ 20th,10am – 5pm, $165 for two days; $90 a day

Learn to prepare and use the vast amount of medicinal plants that grow in the street and city lots. We will be exploring the cultivated and the wild plants of our surroundings that are readily available for the making of place based medicines. Each day will be rich with hands-on gathering and preparations, tastings and samplings and grounded with an urbanforage walk. A light foraged lunch and teas will be provided.

Day One
Introduction to basic herbal energetics and actions that includes a two hour urban forage walk. Preparations of medicines used externally: poultices, linaments and salves.

Day Two
Introduction to Plant Spirit Medicine that includes a two hour urban forage walk. Preparations of medicines used internally: infusions, tinctures and flower essences.

$50 holds your space. Registration deadline February 14.
Paypal account: [email protected]

Teaching locations and a short materials list will be given with registration. Questions? [email protected]

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  1. @kelly: Are you the artist? Nancy just sent this pic along with the announcement. If you are the artist, we’d be happy to credit you, or take it down. Just let us know.

    verrrry cute fox, by the way.

  2. She asked me if she could use it as her flyer, and I said sure. Cred would be cool. It was just funny (and exciting!) to see it on a blog I follow. It was intended as a gift for her, but I had to keep it for our critiques.

  3. Perhaps it would be better to link to my tumblr? My blogger account is more for essays than images, and kind of dead at that.


    Thanks for compliments and credit! Enjoy all things NKlehm!

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