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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated on this issue, and thank you for your fantastic work. I have saved so much money and time by learning from your example instead of making my own mistakes (over and over). It’s a considerable debt of gratitude.

  2. EFF was just at the Southern California Linux Expo this weekend too and I forgot to talk to them about it! Dang!

  3. That is disappointing, perhaps in the end they will be forced to reconcider their stand when it comes to others as well.

    On a positive side amazon recommended your book to me, I have the nook ebook. So, it is out there for others to find.

  4. What happens when someone patents humans? Do we all just then become their property? I say don’t go without a fight.

    “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.”-Emiliano Zapata


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