Oops! Sorry!

Thank you for your kind comments, but condolences are not necessary. Chickenzilla passed a few years back.

See, I’m cleaning up the labels or tags on our old posts so that we can have a more effective search system, and somehow I republished 3 old posts as new posts, including one about the sad death of Homegrown Neighbor’s friendly rescued chicken, Chickenzilla. The other two were on figs and bike fashion, respectively. I’ve just taken all those posts down, but those of you reading this on a feed will probably still see them, and I’m sorry about that.

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  1. Homegrown family and friends. I hope this isn’t faux pas but, I’m moving out of LA County to Orange County and I can’t take all of my turkeys with me (due to city ordinances). So I’m selling two of them. I have a Chocolate Turkey female and a Red Bourbon male each for $45. that may seem expensive but they were hand raised organically and free range, since they were little jakes, and they are only 8 months, the female has yet to lay her first egg. I’d like them to go to a good home. so I’m uh “advertising” here for like minded folks into the urban homesteading thing. Heritage Turkeys are great! please e-mail me at [email protected]

  2. Jut to let you know, in feeds your old name of the blog still comes up. Dont know how you can change that but thought Id let you know as you probably want it changed

  3. Thanks Chris and Anon for the help. We’ll look into that.

    Anduhrew, that’s no problem. We should try to set up some sort of trading post feature for things like this.

  4. Mrs. Homegrown that would be such an amazing idea! I tried craigslist, but i don’t think folks in our fields look for turkeys on craigslist. Although I did find some pygmy goats there before.

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