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  1. A most excellent picture and a man after my own heart.

    Solstice luv from Chicago where I’m wearing an 11-year-old shirt.

  2. Seeing Erik’s boots, and the Caravagio painting made me think of Eriks other boots, knowing that he is a barefoot running enthusiast. I have never claimed not to be full of cliche, in fact I like some every now and then. You may have seen this before, but I thought it was worth sending. This is by Rene Magritte:


    “The problem of the shoes demonstrates how easily the most frightful things can be made to appear completely harmless through the power of thoughtlessness. Thanks to the ‘modele rouge’ (Red Model), one senses that the union of the human foot and a shoe is in fact based upon a monstrous custom.” – RenĂ© Magritte

  3. Funny, and timely. I recently used a spot of duct tape on my 12 yr old shoes I wear to my tech job in silicon valley. No one notices since the grey/silver blends in.

    BTW, how old are Erik’s boots?

  4. H2: Solstice love to you, too! And B.

    Meem: Them galoshes has met their maker.

    Will: Ha!

    Rob: Erik can’t remember how old they are. He’s thinking 10 years, perhaps.

  5. Best boots that I have ever owned. Worked in the woods for a dozen years or so and have the same boots. If I ever have to buy another pair of boots, they will be Redwings.

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