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  1. I always wondered how do people get their bees to start harvesting honey. I am still a little afraid of bees to do such a thing so I will leave up to the pros.

  2. Hi Roger,

    Most beekeepers order their bees through the mail. What I like about Kirk’s method of keeping feral bees is that they are better adapted to the local conditions. Funny thing is–capturing a swarm like this is easier than installing the mail order bees.

  3. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks you so much! Hoping to catch a couple swarms to add to bee town next spring!

  4. The best way is to catch them in a swarm bait box, same thing as that little 5 frame nuc he used just use fully built up frames, hang some in trees around where bees are know to roam and cross your fingers. I got two last year this way, they make the most beautiful hives as opposed to cutouts.

  5. Sam,

    Excellent suggestion–by far the easiest way to get bees. Did you use any lure? I tried some swarm lure last year with no luck. I’ve also heard that lemongrass oil or even Lemon Pledge works.

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