Compost Bins Compared

Embeddedified above, a series of four videos from the Dave Wilson nursery evaluating the effectiveness of a bunch of different compost bins. Guess what? The cheapest and simplest one wins.

Thanks to Scott Kleinrock at the Huntington for the tip.

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  1. Yes, they are. Thanks for posting this- I have trouble with my compost, so now I have a better idea. I’m definitely springing for a compost thermometer!

  2. We had one of those very expensive two-door compost drums. The kind that sits up on a frame. It never worked very well for us, and we never figured out why. We just gave up and went back to our original method – a pallet frame to keep the compost contained, but essentially, it’s just a pile on the ground. During the winter, we move the pile to one of our raised beds and dump the compost in wire towers. Works great, and requires almost no effort on our part.

  3. I would love to have someone post a how to or schedule for using to Presto compost bin. For example – what is the best mix to start the bin with, then when do you turn, add more, or ???

    So excited to try this system!

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