Extreme Recycling

Over at Edible Geography a post, Upgrade Excreta, on three artists and designers working with human waste. Above, design student James Gilpin, who has allegedly figured out how to turn the pee of elderly diabetics into fine single malt scotch. Now that’s what I call recycling!

Meanwhile, Chicago artist and activist Nancy Klehm has completed her Humble Pile humanure project, releasing a stunning t-shirt in the process.

Lastly, designer Tobias Wong has created little glittery pills that make your poop sparkle.

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  1. Wow LOL pee scotch, I’m not sure how this is counts as a beneficial form of recycling since pee DOES decompose quickly *insert Smiley” Funniest thing I have read all day.

  2. I think that any “green” benefits derived from Gilpin’s Scotch would be offset by the fact that I’d have to have a few hits off of a commercially produced malt beverage. Also I’d have to pass on the sparkle capsule. It would only increase the carbon output of my parol officer due to added spot checks on me.

    The humanure project & tee are very good. I wonder if I sent her a used Tee she would consider doing a printing?
    Thanks for that link.

  3. It looks so cool to drink scotch. Usually done by sophisticated older gentlemen in tweed jackets. But I just can’t get it down. It tastes more like battery acid to me. Beer tastes like pee. I never could drink alcohol even when I was a young guy and it was cool. I did however discover there was an advantage to being the only sober guy at a party…

  4. I’ve also seen projects that use thermal depolymerization to render sewage sluge into liquid fuel, giving new meaning to the term “#2 Diesel.”

    I’ll have to second Pelenka’s comment that composting makes the most sense, overall.

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