Black Mission Fig vs. Janice Seedless Kadota FIgs

Janice Seedless Kadota (top), Black Mission Fig (bottom)

Who wins the flavor battle between Black Mission figs and Janice Seedless Kadota figs? The verdict: Black Mission figs are damn good, but Janice Seedless Kadotas are damn better! We’re jealous of Homegrown Neighbor who has one of these beauties.

Patented in 1993 and sold wholesale by the Dave Wilson Nursery, Janice figs are white and incredibly sweet. Ask your local nursery to order one from Dave Wilson for you. But note, this is a variety for Mediterranean climates.

For excellent directions on growing figs see this info sheet from the California Rare Fruit Growers.

Italian immigrants desperate for the flavors of home pioneered growing figs in northerly climates. See this discussion over at GardenWeb for cold climate fig strategies.

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  1. Yum! I think that’s the kind of fig tree I have, but I’m not sure. I’m getting a delivery of the green & yellow striped ones today from a neighbor. Yum yum yum. Figs are good with goat cheese.

  2. On the subject of figs and fruit, I highly recommend One Green World (located in Oregon) for their amazing and unusual fruit selection. They carry sea berries as well as fig trees that grow well in the NorthWest. I got to visit their orchard and sample totally funky fruit last year at their Fall Sample/sale:

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