Revised and Expanded

A revised and expanded version of our book, The Urban Homestead is now available everywhere books are sold and via this website. And we have a new cover thanks to our fantastic publisher Process Media. No longer does the woman stand behind the man!

As for the “expanded” part, new projects include:
• How to sterilize jars and bottles
• How to make infused oil
• Six ways to preserve a tomato
• How to make soda bread
• How to store grain with dry ice
• How to make a tomato can stove
• How to make a Viet Nam light
• How to make a Euell Gibbon’s crock
• How to make L’hamd markad, or preserved, salted lemons
• How to make a bike light

“The Urban Homestead… touches on vegetable gardening, poultry, DIY cleaning products and beer making — all outlined with a sense of play and fun. “Whole Life Times

“… a delightfully readable and very useful guide to front and back-yard vegetable gardening, food foraging, food preserving, chicken keeping, and other useful skills for anyone interested in taking a more active role in growing and preparing the food they eat.”

Thanks to all of you who have already bought a copy of The Urban Homestead. If you don’t have a copy yet, consider purchasing the new edition directly from us via our paypal link on the right side of this page. While we can’t compete with Amazon, your direct purchases help fund our ongoing household experiments. And stay tuned for news of our next book Making It which will be out in November.

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  1. I have thew first edition and thoroughly enjoy it. I can pick it up from time to time and relearn something new 🙂

    “No longer does the woman stand behind the man!”

    Where does the dog stand?

  2. i requested that the Columbus Metro Library System order this book, and they did!…i’m the first person to check it out & i love it!…now i’m gonna buy it…sooo much valuable info!…thx!…:D

  3. What is the next book you’re coming out with?

    We just purchased the 2008 version a month ago and I’m nearly half way through. It’s a great read and I enjoy the back and forth comments about ups and downs of certain topics.

    Curious if we should go ahead and purchase the revised copy or let it roll right now. I didn’t even know you guys had a blog until I re-read the SWC how-to.

    Keep up the good work! I think I’m going to end up with an indoor garden after we move, unless we have room outdoors.

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