More Furniture in 24 Hours

With our stained and Doberman-thrashed thrift store furniture about to end up on the sidewalk, my thoughts have turned to what to replace it with on a limited budget. Naturally, I’m thrilled when the interweb answers my conundrum with yet another 1970s era plywood furniture building manual. This one comes courtesy of a design blog called Ouno, who put up a flickr set of a few pages and plans from a book called More Furniture in 24 Hours by Spiros Zakas and students at the Parsons School of Design.The space bench looks kinda not-so comfortable, but one shouldn’t be sitting around when there’s a chicken coop to clean or a possible trip to Studio 54.

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  1. Ouno,

    Yeah, you could stick two kids under and two kids above. Nice blog, by the way–will look forward to your posts now that I came across you (doing a Rietveld search, by the way).

  2. Uncanny, now we not only have homesteading in common, but my son moved home with his huge Siberian Doberman!

    “Nice”furniture is out of the question, not that I am interested anyway. If it’s wood and well made it will hold up. IF not, well, used furniture sounds OK.

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