Food and Flowers Freedom Act Update

Yesterday the Food and Flowers Freedom Act passed the city council and awaits the mayor’s expected signature. It goes to show that revising outdated codes pertaining to local agriculture can be, at least here in Los Angeles, non-controversial. In fact, those of us at the meeting to support the act left before the vote was taken. It tuned out the council was pre-occupied with a contentious debate over rent control that ended in a fight breaking out and the council chambers being cleared. At least, it seems, we can all get behind locally grown fruit and flowers. For more information on the history of the Food and Flowers Freedom Act, see the website of the Urban Farming Advocates.

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  1. Wow! This is amazing news. I’m so glad this is happening for so many reasons–backyard gardening means better food for everyone, jobs for the jobless, reductions in diabetes and heart disease, less crime…This made my day!

  2. Hey DigitalBishop,

    If you go to the Urban Farming Advocate’s website linked to above you’ll find a link to the text of the revision. Vegetables, by the way, have always been legal to resell in Los Angeles. It’s just fruit and flowers that were a problem.

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