How to become the chicken coop Frank Gehry

Haven’t laid my hands on a copy yet, but it looks like author and publisher Llyod Kahn has another winner, in this case a painstaking reproduction of a turn of the century catalog The Gardeners’ and Poultry Keepers’ Guide & Illustrated Catalogue of Goods Manufactured & Supplied by W. Cooper Ltd. Kahn says, on his blog,

“It’s hard cover, linen-looking finish, foil stamped, printed on off-white paper — a book lovers’ book — the kind that us bibliophiles love to touch and thumb through (and feel secure in the knowledge that no stinkin’ ebook will replace the “hard” copy). Also, it’s useful: it gives homesteaders, gardeners, builders, and architects still-practical designs.”

I’ll note one detail I like in the chicken coop in the catalog above, the “dry run.” I included a small dry run space in my coop and the chickens really like it–a place for them to hide out when it rains.

Available at Shelter Online.

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  1. Fabulous! Finally. So many people are getting ripped off by poorly-built, shoddy, highly expensive, small chicken coops. Great source for more people to become educated and build their own (better) coops.

  2. Mrs. Homegrown here, objecting to Mr. Homegrown’s title.

    Being the Frank Geary of chicken coops would mean your poor hens would have to live in some ridiculous, overpriced, tilting wall construction that doesn’t relate to the rest of your yard, but rather plops down in the middle of it like an arrogant visiting spacecraft. It would be expensive, nay, nearly impossible to maintain, would leak in the rain, and lack a run.

    Just thinking about it makes me want to kiss Kahn’s book.

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