Urban Chicken Classes

Homegrown Neighbor here:

If you are in L.A. come check out my Intro to Urban Chickens class this Saturday at The Learning Garden in Venice. More info at our Chicken Enthusiasts site. The class is just $10 and if you have never been to The Learning Garden it is a real treat. It is one of my favorite gardens in our fair metropolis. The class is at 10:30 am and will be followed by a general meeting of local chicken enthusiasts.
If you aren’t local but want to learn about chickens there are of course many resources out there. And if you already have chickens maybe you can share your knowledge in your community. I know that I certainly wish I new more when I got started. But its live and learn.
Sadly, not all the chickens lived. But the hens helped me to meet my fellow urban homesteading neighbors…… and the rest is history.
The chickens helped us to create community in our neighborhood so now we are helping others to use poultry to promote neighborly public relations and local food.
In the photo above Peckerella and banties Lita and Debbie eat an over ripe persimmon. Okay, Peckerella got most of it, but the banties stood up for themselves and stole a few bites.

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  1. Cute name- Peckerella. I love the names people give their chickens- they’re usually pretty fun. My current favorites are Hen Solo and Princess Layer.

  2. I have to say that the class was a huge success! We had about 35 people attend. Wow.
    I guess I’m going to have to do another one soon. My newest banties played ambassadors. They were very good at eating out of people’s hands and perching on shoulders. And thanks to David King and The Learning Garden for hosting us.

  3. setting a leg-hold trap and allowing an animal to suffer horrible pain and fear is revolting and irresponsible.

    What if someone’s dog or cat was found in that leg-hold trap?

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