Bottle Cap Wreath

Homegrown Neighbor here:

I love Christmas. I love eating cookies, getting together with friends and family and of course, an excuse to make things. I was inspired this weekend to get a little crafty. My front door needed a wreath and I have a huge collection of beer bottle caps so of course I made a bottle cap wreath. I used a simple piece of wire as a form and a lot of hot glue. I tied the wire around a ceramic bowl to shape it. That’s about it. It took me perhaps an hour to make.
I also made this little one as a gift for a friend who helped to consume the beer for the project. For the little one I used the rim of a coffee can (like the one’s from Trader Joe’s.) I just cut off the metal rim from the cardboard and hot glued the bottle caps. I found a little green ribbon to hang it with as an extra special touch.
Happy Holidays to all.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve got about 200 bottle caps that I’ve been saving to use for something. A local brewery will redeem 5 cents per cap on their ‘Chasing Tail’ brew and put it to a local no kill animal shelter, but the rest I need to use up. Love this idea:)

  2. Very pretty and since I can’t figure out if my recycler wants bottle caps or not I might keep some for a similar project.

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