The modern woman-things to put in your apron pocket

Aprons are so cute and oh so functional. I’m often out and about in the yard and around the homestead and I find my apron a very useful accessory. An apron adds a flirty, feminine touch when worn over jeans and is a nice layer of protection for a dress. I tend to get very dirty and need a lot of pockets, so an apron is handy indeed. Whether I am at the farmer’s market, pulling weeds in the backyard or at the chicken coop, here are the top things you are likely to find in the pocket of my apron:

5. Money- small bills for the farmer’s market.
4. Seeds. I tend to collect seeds in my pockets.
3. My keys.
2. An egg. I certainly can’t put an egg in my jeans pocket.
1. My iphone. Very convenient place for this indispensable item.

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  1. Sure cell phones are safe… and if not, you may find out in about ten years when the malignancy shows up near the pocket… will it seem indispensable then?

  2. Mr. Homegrown here–I have a complex relationship with the cellphone that Mrs. Homegrown and I share and I’ve been meaning to do a post about it for about three years! I actually have some of the health concerns scodoha has, and I’m interested in people I know who don’t own cellphones and the reasons they don’t. At the same time I realize that they have become indispensable for others. I propose a joint post between the Homegrown team that I hope will touch off some comments.

  3. Ah gee jc, you’ve convinced me. I’m running right out now and getting the me-phone with the tumor side-pack scheduler and the knee jerk conformist options. I can’t wait to stand around thumbing through all my “important” ….things.
    -expectantly awaiting the latest “aluminum”-foil hat report from the World Health Organization.

  4. Seriously? What the F is wrong with you people? This post is supposed to be about post-feminist female identity. I meant it to be humorous and cute, pointing out that we can embrace some parts of the 1950’s housewife and some pre-WWII homestead duties and juxtapose that with being independent, educated modern women. Jeez.
    And the only comments I get are about cell phone paranoia!

  5. Hell ya! I’ve got a coupla friends who wear these with aplomb. Gents you can try one on too. You can address your post T-Rex identity while swishing around the garden or house. In fact, extend it higher, make it out of canvas, paint flowers on it and you’ve got a true cross gender, multi application apparel item. I’m in Germany right now where they make some nifty work clothes. I’ll pop in a see what they have to bring back tot he states tomorrow.

  6. hello, seeing as you have your apron on, i have an oven cleaning question for you… How do you deep-clean an oven caked in cooked-on food remnants without using Mr Muscle?

  7. As for oven cleaning- I don’t get around to deep cleaning the oven very often but I usually start with some soapy water and let it sit a while. Once the caked on stuff is loosened I use a paste of baking soda and water. Baking soda is a great scouring agent.

  8. Mrs. Homegrown here –

    I’d actually go the reverse method–I’d start by making the baking soda/water paste and spreading that generously over the bad bits. Let it sit all day or overnight. Then attack with hot water and soap and a scrubbie. And probably more baking soda.

    Next, Homegrown Neighbor and I are going to have a smackdown wrestling match in the compost pile to see who gets to wear the apron.

  9. Do you plan on filming it? You could probably air the match as a Pay-per-View, and perhaps raise enough money to purchase a selection of aprons for the whole Homegrown compound.

  10. don’t leave your cell phone in yr pocket it will mess up the bio energy of your body and you will become cell phone tower.

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