Handmade, Homegrown Apron Contest

Homegrown Evolution reader Pam Neuendorf has offered fellow readers a chance to win one of her handmade aprons. She sells her wares through Etsy, a website where crafters and artisans can sell their goods. You can see more of her aprons here. She has an ordinary day job but is a maven of craft by night. Pam says, “I love making aprons. They make me happy.” I am a big fan of aprons. They are useful for cooking, gardening or just looking darn cute. I am also a big supporter of all things handmade. So I love this handcrafted apron.

I also hope our readers will appreciate this reminiscence of mine. -When I was in college I lived in a house with a lot of people. There were about 50 of us and we took turns cooking and cleaning. Every Friday we celebrated ‘Naked Pizza Fridays.’ Only the men would cook on Fridays. They would wear aprons and nothing else. Just the apron. Oh, the good old college days. Perhaps this is why I see aprons as slightly subversive and rather sexy.

Dear readers, if you would like to have this apron, send me an email and tell me what activity you would use your apron for. I want to hear about your hobbies and how this apron would help your creative energies. I will pick a winner by Sunday night. Send your entries to [email protected].

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  1. I’ve already gotten a lot of great entries. I am loving all the great stuff our readers would do while wearing their aprons. But keep ’em coming. You have until midnight on Nov. 1st.

  2. That apron is just gorgeous. I want to start a revolution of apron wearers especially in the workplace. An apron should be common place to bring out of a brown bag or lunch box. Think how much we spend on clothing and remedies to clean our clothing. If we work aprons we would save on cleaning supplies, dry cleaning and replacing shirts and blouses with unremoveable grease marks. All apron wearers unit and start wearing aprons to the lunch room!!

  3. I agree on the total appeal of aprons – I have four or five and my husband (who is much taller than me) has two. When they were younger, my children had aprons as well. They persist in seeing the “aprons are for cooking” connections, however. I wear mine for laundry, cleaning (you need pockets for all the legos, remotes, pencils you can find!) and gardening. Actually, I see the removing of the apron as “me time.” Luckily, my actual job doesn’t require an apron.

  4. I am oh, so late to this party, but I just had to comment on Naked Pizza Friday. That is a great idea but would not fly at my first college where all the guys were studying for the ministry.

    An apron for eating is a great idea. I get food on me all the time!

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